We are kick-starting our modest ‘Racing Yugoslavia’ server for Assetto Corsa, where you can take legendary street and racing cars on famous tracks across former Yugoslavia. From circuits to hillclimbs, we will always have an interesting and realistic combination for you to enjoy and try to record the best lap times.

Kichevo, Macedonia

To test our servers, we’re starting with the small map of the Kichevo military polygon, a track built in Yugoslavia that nowadays is abandoned and in a bad shape, however with a cult status for the Macedonian and back then Yugoslav motorsport. To pair this interesting circuit, you have the 150hp BMW E34 520i from 1994 that’s slightly modified to make more power. The mixture of a street car that’s relatively powerful and rear wheel drive along with the curves of the track will test your capabilities and will train you to handle turns for the better.


🇲🇰 Kichevo, Macedonia
BMW E34 520i (1994)

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