Introducing an event series with the goal to further connect and introduce the Balkans with the raw essence of a true rave.

About Rawrave

After its peak as one of the leading cities in the Balkans for raves and crazy parties, Skopje became a dull place of kitsch architecture and an environment that offers little opportunity for a radical sound to evolve.
We are bringing back the future, and with it the rawness of what techno was made to be primarily. For all true techno lovers a illegal rave with contemporary, pioneering underground DJs from the Balkans and the world.


Rawrave: Skopje Raves Illegal
19th October
Currently 10€ physical, 12€ online

Ontal, E-Saggila, Vegim, Razbibriga, Leo Lumezi, Kronom and more TBA
Purchase tickets thru Resident Advisor


Dit’ e Nat’ (everyday)
Klubi M (on weekends)
From Monday
More selling points soon.

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07.02 Servis Night with Phuong-Dan
🇽🇰 Prishtina, KS
15.02 Dushko Janevski
🇽🇰 Pristina, KS
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