Biosphere – The Senja Recordings

Written on 19 June 2019 by Irena Stevanovska

Getting a sublime experience of traveling around in the almost impossible place to be reached by a human being just by sitting at home, is an extraordinary trip you can get from Biosphere’s latest Album “The Senja Recordings”. In Senja Recordings, Biosphere (Geir Jenssen) gives us outdoor recordings he recorded on the island of Senja – Arctic Norway between 2015 and 2018, combined with some studio improvisations which delivers sounds that gives you a vivid picture of the island.

As his name applies, you can hear a lot of different sounds of the nature, which gives you the feeling that you’re visiting the Senja islands. In some of the tracks you get the hesitations of visiting only if you’re scared of thunder and storms, but that just shows how naturally he takes you in the surroundings of the places he transfers through a recording.

Getting your free trip to the Island in Norway, you can get to the transcendental form of yourself, and feel the calm energy he put in his album.
There you can hear tracks of birds chirping to rain and thunder, water flowing around, winds and all that combined with deep studio produced sounds for raising the tension and getting the sound of the biosphere closer to you on your adventure.

I think that modern times’ shamans put us in a transcendental form through sounds, without having to be physically close to you, and Geir Jenssen is one of the best ones out there, because only with his field recording and studio equipment, he can give you the feeling you would get after floating around in a different spheres.

I would declare him for a modern times’ shaman because in just an hour he can face you with all the elements of the earth and considering all the other works he’s done since the 90’s, I think we can all agree he is one of the greats.


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