Cerrot – Iteritax

Written on 15.02.2022 by Andrijan Apostoloski

We are by no means strangers when it comes to трип — the label of Nina Kraviz, where she frequently publishes the new force of groove and techno, and helps diversify the genre with fresh sounding producers and DJs who like to experiment and create techno by bending rules, each on their own way.

This time, трип releases the debut LP of Spanish producer Cerrot, after being featured on the streaming compilation series “Hot Steel”. The Iteritax LP is available as a digital download and 2xLP records.

Technically speaking, Cerrot says that the distinctive Plasma distortion pedal is used all throughout, along various percussions and modular synthesizers layered, which originated from jam sessions back in 2020, which were effortlessly evolving into full-featured tracks, which are presented in their released form now for us to absorb and groove to.

From the very start in the first track ‘Coffee Beats’, the modular synth signature is obvious, layered with kicks and rhythm which started sounding like a breakbeat which slowly evolved into that polyrhythmic groove. The upcoming tracks such as ‘Plasmax’, ‘Beautiful Chaos’, ‘Left and Right’, etc — are powerful and hard-hitting four-four bangers with beautiful sounding synths all throughout. Powerful, but beautiful, not evil or angry sounding like most who’re trying to present themselves when fast-paced techno is around.

Constantly being set going over 140bpm, this is definitely a fast-paced groovy techno that’s very delicate in its nature – it sounds like its made for melting on MDMA whilst moving your body in repetition that it becomes meditative, just what real techno is actually about. It easily achieves that without being overproduced or anything of that sorts. Just natural groove with many cool synths and the distortion that’s used, as mentioned by Cerrot himself. Even if the Plasma distortion has its appearance on this LP, it’s not overused, perhaps only being present to bring the harmonics to our ears so that everything is painted like in candy-sweet sound, if you know what I mean.

The ending track entitled ‘Iteritax’ is one of my favorites, a strong thumping kick that flows throughout, with those (again) repetitive modular synths give this one a proper 90s-early 00s kinda vibe. Taking it slow and very straight-forward, this old skool track will for sure make people move themselves effortlessly on the dance-floor.

And that’s what is really awesome about трип — Nina’s ears and what she promotes with the label is always distinctive in its nature and even experimental to some level, but the groove and the punch of techno is always kept in its true nature, like it was back in the good days, or with other words, she brings the ‘old skool’ of todays and tomorrows sound.

Cerrot – Iteritax LP on Bandcamp
Cerrot – Soundcloud
Cerrot – Instagram

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