You wake up one day and it’s the end of the 90’s, back when they started making it rawest, the sludgy and aggressive tribal techno is at its peak and mister dj bluegucci takes the stage with this 3-track EP consisting of totalitarian powerful grooves accompanied by saturated bass lines that always compliment and playfully bounce together with sharp and crazy, punchy kicks.

The precision, patience and immersion of these dance-floor rhythms is something I am addicted to. The easy-going but massive kicks playfully coexist with these funky bass-lines to create a danceful groove and a mental hypnotic experience.

Off White is a bouncy tune that has such an interesting choice of sounds, when blended together they create this cartoonish but slightly dark atmosphere with a mighty groove. The simplistic but at the same time confident transitions remind of old-school groove and tribal techno such as the likes of Infamous Player. When it starts it’s really amazing, but as the three main parts of the track evolve in front of you, when they reach the epiphany on the final part you become a citizen of the sound universe that bluegucci has directed.

Korea is this gritty and head-nodding tune, with a bass that’s fused together with epic four-four kicks.
Sir bluegucci has an amazing sense of time and evolves the tracks very wickedly, he imprints a patient but powerful sense of groove that dominates with ease and invites you over to play – and boy does that patience of his give us a way to enjoy this tune while being mind-fucked so sweet, lol.

Digital Camo is the third track, a more repetitive techno with a tribal signature throughout, the most toolish track of the selection.

The Korea EP is a selection of three tracks that are their own unique paintings of a techno world where the rawest was most appreciated, an old-school hypnosis that can be found in tunes when movements started and were at their peak.

You can stream and purchase on ЗБАЗУТ’s website or Bandcamp
It’s also available on Spotify, Apple Music and other major streaming platforms.

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Written by Andrijan Kalashnikov on 18 March 2023

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