DJ Disrespect — Deep Encounter

Written on 17.07.2022 by Andrijan Apostoloski

Frankfurt based producer and DJ Disrespect continues his saga with mind-melting hard-techno, this time fusing dub with the extremes of schranz into his release. A sonic mayhem that lures you into bashing all the aggression through fast-paced and straight-forward but pure techno, full with bizarre but mighty action all around.

This release contains two tracks by DJ Disrespect which are also remixed by Gomboc’s own crew of ‘Bours?’ and ‘Dist’. The release will be out on 25th July on Argentinian label Gomboc Records on Bandcamp, with 30 limited 12” dubplates available and a full vinyl release coming afterwards. For those who like hard techno and alike, we also reviewed SlugoS’ Useful Tools To Entertain Your Guests which came out back in January this year – so definitely make sure to follow their work and get acquainted to more quality hard-techno.

Deep Encounter (Dub Mix) is DJ Disrespect’s introduction, a straight-forward rhythm builds up, while the kick has this weight to it. It sounds like you’re listening to the track in a huge industrial warehouse, but fitted with the perfect sound-system. It gives mellow vibes, especially when the dubby chords appear, surrounded by this everlasting powerful rhythm behind.

I usually don’t write about remixes, but this is an exception. The ‘Bours?’ remix is straight-forward and builds the energy with an insanely powerful groove behind. Playing with all the elements of the original, we’re slowly put in trance of the same recipe as before, hard techno fused with dubby chords and sweet pads, the best I can describe what I’m hearing is like having an ice-cream out of molten lava – for both of the tracks.

The Confidence (Astral Mix) track is where things get batshit crazy. This might have one of the angriest kicks I’ve heard in techno, followed by this industrial sounding percussion that follows throughout. Right after, the sub enters the story and punches you another one, may lord have mercy on all the dancers that are going to be introduced to this on a good system. As it takes away your body, the chaos that ensures after is nothing but brilliant – a mixture of very anxious and scary synths definitely put us back into that warehouse back from the first track. If that one was day, this one is night – scarier and definitely more intense.

The ‘Dist’ remix takes a different approach to building the groove and ambience, but once again in the fast-paced BPMs, you can lose momentum right away if you don’t know what you’re doing. He on other hand, builds this groove from the start and builds upon, introducing claps at the beginning and already making your booty move. I adore the flare of the synths which I can imagine as these sharp knives cutting every enemy and negativity when you’re at the rave, imagining in your head with closed eyes what could possibly be some visual representation of what you’re listening to.

This is definitely not for the light hearted. It lures the listener into this fast-paced and confusing and intense space, but without losing on the momentum or groove – because as long as it lasts, it only continues with building the energy further and further. It would be disrespectful to even mention these as DJ tools, because they’re not. They’re nuclear bombs for those who know and appreciate, and for some ravers that will unleash on these, it’s going to be a cathartic feeling of therapy and mental (and body) exercise.

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