Katran — Decapitation

Written on 02.04.2022 by Andrijan Apostoloski

Katran is the solo project of Belgrade-based Darko Kolar, one half of Ontal. In translation the word ‘katran’ means tar or coal in many Slavic languages, and it depicts its form by bringing the industrial heritage onto his sound signature.

Decapitation is an EP released for Italian ‘Blame Records’ on vinyl and digital on 11th March and features a remix by ANFS.

The starting track ‘BL-1’ resembles the repetitive percussion into a mind-boggling machinery which constantly hammers, and sound effects which remind me of a heavy-metal guitar appear throughout.
The following ‘BL-2’ continues in a more hypnotic sense, with bass-rich distorted pads. ‘BL-3’ continues forward within the same industrial universe.
The remix by ANFS gets focused again on the repetitive percussions and plays with the sonic soundscape as the track progresses further.

Decapitation is the return of Darko as a producer, and the result is tracks from a very contained industrial sound universe. When comparing to his prior work, I’d maybe say that it’s more refined and calmer, however not at a price of losing energy in the process. The industrial lives on forward.

Note: The 12″ vinyl is available through all the major music distributions, however not via Bandcamp.

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