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Locked Club – Egipet

Written on 7 December 2021 by Andrijan Kalashnikov

The Russian electro-punk duo ‘Locked Club’ have been setting up the stage for distorted and electrified electro since their debut with the “Forever Punk” EP back in 2017.
Egipet follows within the same universe of distorted and saturated punk electro, squeezing many sounds together with rebellious vocal samples following it throughout.

‘Go People’ is the introduction for the universe that the Russian have prepared, and it starts with simple four-four rhythmics, but with many elements toppling it further and creating a ravey atmosphere, especially standing out with the highly saturated repeating vocals. ‘Edu V Egipet’ continues further coated in electro style, and starting off much more clean, until the vocals embrace the punk culture of the whole sound, and it gradually continues in that direction forward. ‘Devchonka’ enters without any special gimmicks like mae geri, it continues to build upon very similarly to the prior tracks. ‘After Cake’ is once again in the four-four rhythm world, but the sound is coated in darkish EBM groove, much more than any track before, even though they all are kind of spiced with it.

This is a sweet EP by Locked Club accompanied by their famous distorted punk energy, but is also more polished than the prior releases, and you can feel that in the sound. They steer more towards EBM which is completely nice, if you ask me, but at the same time they’re doing it with being less dirty in the production than before, and I think I miss a bit of the ‘old school’ dirtiness on top of the whole sound to give me a complete utopic auditory sensation from this EP.


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