Oat M — First Crops

Written on 23.04.2022 by Andrijan Apostoloski

The energetic recipe of Italian producer Oat M finds its ways into a fast-paced 4/4 release with three dub-rich hard-techno tracks. He introduces us to elements of the sonic through various of genius ways, and achieves a very powerful rhythm throughout the whole release, making these tracks the proper bombs for ravers all around.

He introduces us with “Daddy Dub Me”, an insane track which takes the 909 toms to another level, coated with acidic synths and atmospheric pads. The mighty power of his rhythm section is felt throughout the track, and delivers pure uncut energy for the people who will experience it.

Swallow Bow” is again constructed out of smart play with toms, however the emotion felt throughout is different. Here the atmospherics play as important part as the rhythm, and both of them stick together throughout the full length of the track.

The last but not least “Metashake” has a very mean arpeggiated bass, and a siren-sounding repetitive synth which is introduced at the very start. Oat M doesn’t play safe, as heard with his prior two tracks, but he definitely delivers a very refined hard-techno sound that is rich with dub and very sharp 4/4 rhythms. On this track in particular, the stab-like pads definitely take the stage, however they’re only a piece of the puzzle he’s created.

Overall, this is a very powerful EP which contains only bangers, no fillers whatsoever. The geniality of Oat M’s production when using unconventional sounds to come up with results that are pieces of the whole puzzle is done in a way that’s euphoric, and takes him apart from all the template-techno that’s all around us these days. The EP has been mastered by DJ Disrespect, and is self-released on 22nd April on Oat M’s Bandcamp page.

Oat M is member of Scum Collective whom released DJ Disrespect’s “Jamz from the Attic” which we reviewed back in September 2021.

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