Overshift – Of Light and Shade

Written on 26.10.2021 by Ben Hudgins

“Techno”. Say the word and most people’s thoughts turn to visions of light sticks, Ecstasy, and dumb costumes. Having been to countless raves myself, I get it. However, since the birth of rave so many years ago, the “techno” umbrella has spread to cover a host of different sounds. For example, “minimal techno”, where today’s pick kicks things off.

“The Antediluvian Question” is certainly a mix of ambient and techno, as the emphasis here is on atmosphere as opposed to the pounding rhythms of the dancefloor. The beats sit deep in the mix, an underlying heartbeat to the droning, languid sounds that sit at the forefront. Muffled, incomprehensible vocals add more texture here and there, but they’re embellishments as opposed to distractions. And this hypnotic approach stays with us for the remainder of the EP.

Subsequent tracks abandon constant rhythm almost entirely, opting instead for soundscapes full of washes, extended bass tones, and glittering pad work. What patterns do appear don’t use drums in the classic sense; take the finger cymbal-esque clicks of “Reservation”, for example.

There’s an “anti-dub” feel here, where instead of concentrating on percussion, the opposite approach is taken. You can almost hear the steady beat in your head (as skillfully set up by the opener), but that beat never drops, leaving you instead to float along with the ambiences, never grounded, never penned in by the rhythms.
In all, this is a lush, deeply meditative soundtrack that’s just perfect for the rainy morning we’re having here in Brooklyn.

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