Schwefelgelb – Dahinter Das Gesicht

Written on 25.10.2021 by Ben Hudgins

Rhythmic and repetitive (in a good way), this EP practices some heavy 80s and 90s industrial worship. There’s the cold mechanics of early Front 242 (just listen to the opener) along with some serious nods to Front Line Assembly. Thudding bass pounds along at a steady pace while almost amelodic accents create pleasantly rough edges.
However, Schwefelgelb isn’t afraid to dabble in polyrhythms either. While the bedrock bass beats are always there, other elements play off against that underlying four-on-the-floor. I’m reminded of another act that was never afraid to submerge dancefloor simplicity with rhythmic flairs: Meat Beat Manifesto.

The third track, “Fokus”, is a great example of that, as the recurring angular riff that appears just before the two-minute mark would feel right at home with Jack and company. However, I do need to cite the other act that colors this tune (and actually paints just about the whole damn EP, really): Nitzer Ebb.

Take listen and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Just sayin’.

It may seem like I’m passing off this record as a simple piece of nostalgia worship and there’s no denying that’s there. However, while older blueprints are used, a slew of newer sounds and approaches are written on top of these solid guidelines. The results are four great tunes that will get you on the dancefloor.

Long live the Rivethead Two Step.

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