SlugoS – Useful Tools to Entertain Your Guests

Written on 11.03.2022 by Andrijan Apostoloski

SlugoS is a Spanish hard-techno producer and DJ who’s been shaping his sound since teenager. Owner of Caedite Eos, a vinyl label which was launched last year, his style is frequently rich of broken rhythms with massive, dark and industrial setting layered on top.

His newest EP ‘Usefool Tools to Entertain your Guests’, released for Argentinian Gomboc Records, hard techno label which hosts techno artists such as Thomas P. Heckmann, Jerome Hill and others from the sphere of style has this release debuting back in January this year.

‘El Porto’ starts with a massive kick play, with a dark atmosphere coated around, as industrial stabs and hi-hats enter the groove. ‘La Toca’ is a silly one – underrated blaster of dark acidic atmosphere with a very powerful 4/4 drive with layered polyrhythms. Makes you feel those techno butterflies from how good it is. ‘La Garrucha’ is the most aggressive out of his tracks, having the schranz element ever-present and delivering with nasty rhythmics while the trip lasts. The 753 remix of the track takes the basis and sounds of the original, and fits it into another deadly and industrial club, however in a distinct way that differs a lot from the original.

His debut on Gomboc Records definitely delivers with these monstrous tracks designed for the nastiest of dance-floors.

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