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Talismann — Percussion Part 3

Written on 9 January 2023 by Andrijan Kalashnikov

Heavy-weight techno release from Amsterdam producer and DJ Talismann, who’s been successfully releasing techno, house and other electronic music since the late 2000s. The Part 3 is the newest addition of the Percussion series, marked by heavy rhythms and old-school techno soundscapes of a dark dystopian kind.

Hoar put a smile on my face, somehow my mind imagined the record store scene from the movie Human Traffic, with this track banging in the background. Such a minimal track that does wonders alongside that rich strong rhythm and those wacky vocal samples appearing throughout. This one melted my heart, proper groove techno energy in it, like it was the early 00’s and the genre’s is at its purest. Alongside that sub bass-line that’s complimented by those bass stabs, this is an A-class headbanger. Rave, rave, long live fucking rave!

Phase starts with these saturated toms and presumably some kind of cymbal, just to be thrown to the beat which is fat and fuses beautifully with all the prior elements. As the track goes, these very repetitive and stab-like elements are introduced which reminisce of how things were done in what we today say ‘old-school’ era, when people weren’t afraid to make things repetitive and use that as a tool to mesmerise. Talismann completely succeeds in that approach, and definitely delivers tunes with power.

The intensity on Caru is on another level, how the whole atmosphere builds subtly until the moment the kicks enter is done by someone with a flow and understanding of how to manipulate the groove. The kicks on this one, I could probably listen to them for 12 consecutive hours without feeling it’s too much – they fucking bang, monstrous energy that thump and ‘heal’ my brain wounds as every bar enters.

Those were my favourite from the release, the vinyl has 6 tracks in total and the digital release on Bandcamp features the full 12 tracks which are all set into the world of Talismann’s Percussion series. These tunes are definitely radiating pure techno energy, and like himself says it on Bandcamp: Hypnotic rhythms, sounding like some dark rite from a time between ancient and future.


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