Céili Collective – Speed Bumps

Written on 16.09.2020 by Philipp Smaller

It is not a new normal. Everything is a new NOW. Céili Collective was recommended to me in my Bandcamp feed and the description “Various artist focused label driving out of London” caught my attention right away. When I then saw that they released a compilation featuring some artists I really like, I bought it on cassette without hesitation and listening.

Céili, as the collective explains on its website, is a custom in small villages for friends to collect in a house and hold what they call a “ceili” (pronounced kay’lee) on long, dark winter nights. Young and old are entertained by the reciters of old poems and legendary stories which deal with ancient beliefs, the doings of traditional heroes and heroines, and so on. Some sing old and new songs set to old music or new music composed in the manner of the old. More precise the compilation called “Speed Bumps” features artists like DJ Ketaflush, Witch Trials, DJ Fucku and Lam Singe who do just that: recite great electronic music with old and new sounds. And it doesn’t stop there!
The compilation roster is so diverse. It’s hard to put your ear to it to explain what you hear except for calling it what the Bandcamp tags say: electronic acid experimental noise techno trance London. Exactly in that order.

Kaili opens up with an ambient feeling groove that warms you up until you get smashed in the face by Ketaflush’s “221018RC” that knocks you off your feet. Only to get picked up again by Céilí himself and a dance groove Roma Zuckerman remix of Ramilitch after, which is followed by Ole?ka’s “Nanodiamonds”.
16 tracks strong, Speed Bumps takes you on a ride you are too familiar with: you get your driving speed up and just when you are ready to go, the ride comes to an immediate halt. Speed Bumps.

The continuation after the bump though is steady. Offtrack takes us to the “LFO Clinic” which we then (sound-wise) leave to the “Leysdown Bloc” of Similarch. Just to get whipped by DJ Shipr Snipr & Jaundices “Angry Wallet”. HALT! “EscapEscaEs” is our next Speed Bump.

DJ Emergency Disaster now teaches us his “Warehouse Definition”, which is as 4-to-the-floor as it can get for my ears. Slamming into “Metmorphosis” by Ôneyra and “Area Oxena” by Quelza. By now, I realize that I haven’t heard such a diverse (electronic) music compilation since the last mixtape I have gotten from a friend in 2009. Céilí surprises with every single song on here and the last 4 are the banging finale!

DJ Fucku introcudes us to “Soviet Patrick”, and he has the driest slamming kick I have ever heard on a cassette. Scooting over to Lam Sing’s “Trance Roivng Kin”, we hear the sound of synths and sequencers that feels like they try to tell us something through the satisfying fog of claps, kicks, snares and rides.
Jon Hussey and Witch Trials wrap the whole thing up, putting you in a blanket and into bed, so you can rest your ears and thoughts.

This compilation makes you wanting to hear more from this collective and you can join them in quarantine for their live sessions which they regularly announce on their Facebook page.

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ℹ️ We will be back with gonzo reviews as soon as we return to a new normal that is acceptable for the people. Until then, let's listen to some music, what do you think?