Transki — Vienna Gates

Written on 10.05.2022 by Andrijan Apostoloski

Austrian producer Transki reveals his latest EP “Vienna Gates” via Scum Collective, a crew and label we’ve covered back when they released DJ Disrespect’s vinyl “Jamz from the Attic”. He indulges us in furious techno spiced up with the old-school trance we love, creating a monstrous EP that’s full with dance-floor artillery.

For starters, the Proton and Neutron mixes of the track ‘Vienna Gates’ are completely different revelations. The Proton mix which is already premiered is fueled with these heavy-metal like synths, only to be accompanied by very spacy arpeggiated synths as the track progresses. The Neutron mix is more aggressive and straight-forward. It may use the same elements but dubbed out, but it gives a completely different dimension to Vienna Gates as a track.

The forthcoming ‘Halis’ starts with these “deep”-like synth, accompanied by a fast-thumping kick and neo-trance elements on the corner. ‘Arcana’ follows the same recipe from the cook, and delivers the universe Transki created flawlessly.

The EP also contains remixes by DJ Break Da Law, DJ Lint, DJ Disrespect and Oat M and is mastered by DJ Disrespect. It’s released digitally on Bandcamp and physically on a CD, and will be released on 13th May 2022.

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