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V/A — Purgatorium Inane EP

Written on 8 November 2022 by Andrijan Kalashnikov

Caedite Eos is pleased to present a various artist EP for its second release. This time _asstnt, Leo Laker, Voight Kampff and SlugoS are the ones in charge to deliver four peak-time killer tracks, keeping the same spirit as the first release: pure hard techno with an experimental touch.

The introductory Purgatory by Madrid producer and DJ _asstnt is not an easy ride, not a track you can just play and immediately get driven by its groove or power. No my friends, this is what separates the black sheep from all of those template and DJ-ready copy makers that are out on every corner in techno. _asstnt’s track starts with these glitches enriched by a low rumble, a drone-like ambience that you’re introduced to right away. As the glitches progress, this demonic voice appears and poly-metric distorted and fat kicks start blasting at your ears. Playing throughout the track with a variety of distorted and industrial-like sounds, Purgatory is definitely a track of its own. I envy those who’ll experience it on proper sound, at the proper time, and it definitely won’t be by someone who isn’t courageous enough to play it.

The following Ex Nunc by label owner, and once again Madrid representer SlugoS, is this rich, groovy and hard-hitting techno. At this stage the EP has already marked its signature sound, and SlugoS follows very good. He builds upon the intensity of the prior intro track, and gives us an explosion. It’s one of those tracks that would appear in your dreams — if you ever dream raves with techno, I know I do sometimes. It has this hypnotic energy and screams tribal, but mix hard and groovy techno with it, and a cinematic orchestra of horror-set background…

Ironbrick by Finnish hard-techno producer and DJ Leo Laker continues the saga of the EP, a 4/4 banger — one that just hits you in the face, a proper slap and continues to do so throughout the whole track. I love it. I love it. This is totally my kinda jam, I like it raw, simple, old-school, but when you put it together, to have this energy like this instance when it all comes together and simply dominates over you, no matter who the fuck you are, what the fuck you’re doing, or if you’re sober or perhaps the complete opposite on a dance-floor. Boom boo yah bitches.

Empty Lives follows as the ending of the release by Voight Kampff, once again Madrid crew represent, a veteran hard techno and schranz producer from the Spanish scene — and look, while I was listening to this track I was mind-blown enough by itself, only to be properly fucked in my mind when I read it’s a 10 year old track that just got a chance at life with this release. Boom. It’s intense, it’s fast, it’s distorted, it’s raw, it’s schranz but in a grimy and distinctly dark way. Like this whole EP, it’s difficult to chew without accepting there will be blood on the dance-floor, the kicks are all over the place and the noir-like ambience behind portrays the whole soundscape manifested in the mindset as the place where the battles with the final bosses of life are to be fought. I have to mention, this producer is not to be confused with the works of Voight-Kampff the hard techno label from Glasgow and Berlin.

I don’t need to say shit anymore, this EP either makes you stronger or it dissolves you in its acidic melting lava that comes out straight from hell. It’s one of those releases that you don’t just play to groove on, you play it when you want to reach the out of edge experience, or even better, if you’re a raver and that DJ with huge balls play this properly, oh my god, you’re up for something that can potentially (quite likely) change your life. It’s very important to state the work of relatively fresh labels such as this one, to make a bold statement in the techno world, and that is that the underground of the hard styled sound that makes no compromises for it to be heard by a bigger quantity, not only still exists, but it’s more powerful than ever, and is accompanied by people with a pedigree like no other, people that have a deeper approach with the darkness and aggressiveness in life and have found a way to create a channel of demon extortion through our holy, holy techno.

The release is going to be available as vinyl and digitally on the major platforms on November 18th. Please refer to the Bandcamp page to pre-order and listen to the previews.


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