Vegim & Flekitza — Shifting Operations

Written on 19.03.2022 by Andrijan Apostoloski

Few know that Prishtina has one of the dopest techno labels from the region — TMM Recordings which was found in 2006 and up to this day constantly pushes sonic boundaries by growing with its sound and artists. The Kosovar staples of techno Vegim alongside his partner Flekitza are debuting with their first 12” vinyl release, perhaps the first coming from Kosovo, with a hypnotic groove EP entitled “Shifting Operations”. TMMR’s first vinyl release is definitely marking the significance of Prishtina and Kosovo in the techno world.

The arp intro entitled ‘Landing’ gets us ready for what follows next. Its sound signature is exactly what the sound universe of the release follows.

As ‘Shifting Operations’ enters, we can wake up from the mini-haze and realize where we’re at. The hypnotic techno isn’t is oversaturated and definitely isn’t for everyone to make, but Vegim & Flekitza show their stance very strongly and explain (in sound) why the years they’ve spent in creation of sound matter.

The repeating industrial-sounding like pads are enriched with metallic percussion that flow within the universe effortlessly. After the breakdown which includes a German-sounding like voice sample, the track gets back again, only to go a notch higher very soon after. A well-played techno orchestra of deep sonics.

The following ‘Portal’ is more of a banger, it features a groovy and strong kick with few hi-hats showing their position – only to disappear and reappear at certain times. As the track builds in a progressive nature, the elements which we’re introduced are timed perfect, and the sound design language of the whole track definitely is something else – a dark club or a warehouse of industrial nature with very little light and very much bass dominating the atmosphere. That isn’t an easy task to achieve, and it’s such a rewarding feeling when it’s done effortlessly like in this case. The pitch-game on the closed hi-hats is a treat of its kind. A head-banger, my favorite from the release.

At first confusing, the polyrhythmic ‘Static Behavior’ enters like a boss, not giving a slight fuck about anything. At the start, with the potential that it holds, it promises to deliver lots, and what does it succeed to deliver? The massive rhythmic bomb enriched with industrial ambience definitely is a twister, a sound game which the producers leave us to enjoy. A certified banger on the dancefloor, the hypnosis on this one is beyond just writing words, but is one of those that needs full attention and letting go, to be able to experience it for yourself. Not all hypnotic techno is like that, but tracks such as this one that require it give the listener a different level of gratification.

The last on the list, ‘Unstable Dynamics’ starts with a very saturated low-toned synth accompanied with the groove which takes the front. The hi-hats entering very quickly after only enrich this track and polish the soundscape that this whole release is located at — a psychedelic but industrial setting that never stops moving. The synths following resemble a sort of techno schizophrenia that only the masters of hypnotic techno can deliver, and don’t forget, doing so while the groove is hitting hard as it can.

In essence, this release isn’t about going out of edge — Vegim and Flekitza have done it multiple times on their label. The release is about having certified dance-floor weapons of a very distinct atmospheric hypnotic nature, whilst having the groove as important as the whole rest of the soundscape — and it definitely delivers. Congratulations to TMMR, Vegim and Flekitza for their first vinyl release, and let’s hope that more will follow soon.

The release is available as a 12″ vinyl and Bandcamp digital purchase.

TMM Recordings on Bandcamp
TMM Recordings on Instagram
Vegim on Soundcloud
Vegim on Instagram
Flekitza on Soundcloud

We’re also very proud to have a episode with Vegim for our local “In The Mix” podcast, where Vegim himself dominates in techno language for almost two hours. A definite must-listen if you like good-driven hypnotic techno. Recorded back in 2019, however hasn’t sonically aged a day. Enjoy!

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