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Rico Casazza – First Law

Rico has always made my head turn when it’s come to music. I think maybe at first, I might’ve overlooked him. This is due to a personal bias that I’m trying to shake off – if people I know send me music they’ve made, I become skeptical. Nowadays, it doesn’t happen so much – if you get too caught up in your own biases, you may miss what is actually there. I was recently sent this release to be considered for review and wow, am I glad I left the wolf at the door for this one. If I were to summarize my experience, it would be as follows; prominent tones of mysticism throughout, with acidic mids that feel like warm lava crawling and seeping within. Truly the core of magma.

There’s a balance of mood throughout First Law (the self-titled track of this release), and as such, was the first instance that I could feel the magma crawling inside my ears. There’s dark and filtered futurism when it comes to the track’s airy synths, and it maintains a firm grounding of pulsating and tight-as-fuck bass kicks and percussion. Everything bounces off each other with measured velocity. It’s clear that the sound design (and how the track was chosen to evolve) is meticulous. I do feel like I’m being coaxed by gentle hypnotism. I like it.

Sink Flute, (or as I like to call it, Texture Bath), is bathed in texture. A captured lucidity can be found here – mystic, with percussion that is very considered (it even sounds like clockwork). The composition, visually, makes me think of sand, dust, heat. That I am the snake being charmed, and as I slither, I am taking form, reflecting my skin against the sun, with the beauty of the colors of my skin emerging. It’s pure, soft meditation.

204 feels more stripped back compared to its two predecessors, but It might be owed to its faster tempo; it seems to concentrate itself a lot more deliberately on a very strong acid motif and glowing synth line over the top of it (I think of it visually as semi-circle curvature, with a mauve hue). Despite its relative simplicity, Rico has allowed the track to open up to itself, taking confidence in the impact of the acid synth and its counterparts. And so he should! It’s a fucking wormhole! I like it!

Definitely consider this release if you’re a fan of deep house and 303s. It’s clean, tight, and considered. A valiant effort. I look forward to Rico’s future compositions.