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Because of ? COVID-19, we are opening our Radio hosting services before the time planned and are going to be free indefinitely until this pandemic lasts. We are providing 192kbps streams for free with unlimited bandwidth (listeners) on which you can broadcast using software for your PC or Mac, or use the WebDJ feature and do a live broadcast using your phones microphone.

Who is eligible?
Basically everyone who wants to broadcast alternative electronic music, or anything connected with it is welcome. On the link below there is a short application form, in which you will be notified on e-mail shortly after submitting it with your radio server credentials.

An account from is required, following the link to the Dashboard takes you to our 0Auth account section.

frekCAST Online Radio

192kbps – AVAILABLE

    – Unmetered Bandwidth
    – Unlimited Listeners
    20GB AutoDJ
    – WebDJ
    – 128kbps and 192kbps outputs

320kbps – COMING SOON

    – Unmetered Bandwidth
    – Unlimited Listeners
    – 20GB AutoDJ
    – WebDJ
    – Unlimited outputs up to 320kbps
Apply for an online radio station.Opens the Dashboard where you can apply.


Server: IceCAST

SSL: Yes