• Rico Casazza β€” Escandon

    electro reviews


    Rico returns with a lush five-tracker reminiscent of warm hues and punctuated percussion, soldered together by funk-appraised electro magma. When I listen to Escandon, I think about two things; how much of a good time I’m having listening to another Rico record, and how much I wish I was smoking a blunt down a Florida highway at night in the warm afterglow (I don’t even own a driver’s license, that’s how dedicated I am).

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  • Rico Casazza β€” Emptiness Form

    reviews techno


    Rico Casazza is a London based producer and DJ that roams in diverse electronic music styles with a very unique sound signature made from sweet colors. On top of producing and DJing, Rico is also a composer for films, and frequently tutors Ableton Live.

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