The people that make frekvencii possible.

Andrijan Bushi Apostoloski
Founder, author, curator
[email protected]
Prishtina, Kosovo

Andrej Anchevski
Author, editor, radio curator
Skopje, Macedonia

JF Castel-Branco
Skopje, Macedonia

Dogan Akiti
Skopje, Macedonia

Vladimir Voinovski
Author, editor
Skopje, Macedonia

Our friends

We could never become what we are in the present without the help of friends and good people around the world, all with the mutual love for electronic music.

Maike and Leo, Dimitar Nikolov, Dime Danov, Renata Trajanovska, Amar Mecinović, Vegim Hashimi, Chelsea Charles, Dren Maliqi, Jordan Davidson, Kacper Szlefarski, Kristian Jabs… and many others unmentioned that were part of this adventure and shaped us and helped us through the history. Thank you!