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The gathering at RE:FORM 2019

The forest is full of riches and the riches of the forest are for all – says a vocal over Florian Kupfer’s 4 Ever on the trailer video of this years RE:FORM organized by Servis.

You see, relatively I am really new about techno and still learning things, labels and artists. One thing is for sure, and I think this is the most important part about everything, is that I feel it, and I am in total love with it. I love dub and light things from the likes of Giegling, and I adore the hardcore things from L.I.E.S. and SLAM. I just groove with everything that is quality and good, I can’t be on one side and I don’t want to be.

And this is how I met and was introduced with Servis, an rave organization from Prishtina that in my eyes is one of the main reasons to put Prishtina and Kosovo in general on the map of quality techno. It was Alessandro Adriani in Prishtina on 17th of May in a parking lot full of foggy red lights with ravers moving all around. Pure magic, I was stunned for the second time I came in the territory of the northern neighbors.

Just this year Servis has invited names such as Alessandro Adriani, Randomer, Neil Landstrumm and many more to play in Kosovo and one thing is for sure: On every event they’ve totally got the point of the formula of organizing a good rave.

But moving forward to July and RE:FORM 2019 which is something special and totally different than the other raves they organize, I looked forward to attend to this festival for the first time. Unfortunately my friends from Skopje couldn’t come with me because of unforeseen reasons and I went to the road by myself. I always look forward going alone to raves and festivals because it is a good way to meet new people and just have fun in another special way, I guess.

First I came to Buffalo Backpackers in Prishtina to settle for a short time and there before I left to the forest location near the Bardovc lake I met David Stanley, which is the guy responsible for taking those beautiful and experimental photographs of the Servis events. We went to grab something to eat and went together to the forest.

The road to the forest location was very interesting, my low car… well I wasn’t sure she could handle it, but she did, and when we arrived I remember having that similar feeling when you first see the ocean or lake after awhile, that thing in the stomach that is similar to butterflies?

The location was absolutely huge, green grass all around with forest trees surrounded everywhere you turn. It is definitely worth every kilometer (and it’s actually very near Prishtina).

The lineup of artists did amazing job warming up the crowd which slowly gathered during the daytime and gradually as time passed and the sun set down, the level of intensity in the music just exponentially grew with it. This is why I mentioned the formula about a proper rave: Servis definitely knows it.

Entering the very night part of the festival when Gzjim from Angry Youth took over the stage the intensity arose and things got more serious, music-wise. The polish DJ Polinezja and the live set of Piotr Cisak were also brilliant and hard, each on their own. Of course the headliners Florian Kupfer and 33.10.3402 from L.I.E.S delivered out of this world energies and moved the crowd like-uh-crazy.

The daylight appeared so soon somehow, and it was time for Servis own DJs Leo Lumezi and Pandaudio to take over the sets. You see, it is a big responsibility after such a long time to play music, and of course both of them totally know how to read the crowd and gave us the beautiful gift of mellow and yet groovy things to calm over and just rest, and again meet the surroundings of the forest with the sun saying hello for the second time.

I must say it was a very positive thing to see all the garbage that was made previously just gone in a very short time, the place on the end was left just like when we arrived: untouched. And it is one thing that every organisator of events should do: take care of their surroundings so in the future the nature welcomes us every time we attend.

I am not sure if a lot of people know this, but this location and the RE:FORM event is a very important part of the Servis history. It is the birthplace of the organization and it was their birthday, an more intimate festival with friends, close people and all those who have the love for good and beautiful electronic music – on a location that is nature, that belongs to all of us. The forest is full of riches and the riches of the forest are for all.

I recommend that you closely follow Servis in the future for all their events they organize, the variety of having hardcore parking lot raves to this magical forest gathering is something that many organizers can learn from. I am very thankful for the invitation, for the time spend there and for the new friendships I made. I wish that Servis becomes stronger, I wish that they have countless of more raves, parties and gatherings in the future.

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Full lineup of RE:FORM 2019

All photographs taken by David Stanley

Andrijan Apostoloski

Founder of frekvencii and self-proclaimed professional non-professional gonzo journalist of techno. Imagine that.