• Speedy J — Loudboxer

    cults reviews techno

    27 October 2022

    Ravers and raverettes, last weekend as I was browsing through some internet pages to discover new music from the industrial sphere of sonics, I stumbled upon this guy Speedy J, a name that I’ve encountered several times before, but for some reason never went beyond to explore his offerings.

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  • Cults Experienced: Techno Animal – The Brotherhood Of The Bomb

    cults reviews

    20 September 2021

    When you’re angry or perhaps something bothers you, you may choose to subside your anger with a pill of diazepam or some other stronger benzodiazepine prescribed from your doctor, or you can play music that channels those feelings and magically evaporate them through adrenaline, head-nodding and a smile that never goes away.

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