In Solidarity with Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

Written on 03.03.2022 by Staff Content

Ukraine is under Russian invasion, and the world is uniting together to help with all means necessary. On this announcement we provide you with secure and reputable source of charities and organizations which can help the Ukrainian crisis.

Therefore, we want to share you this Reddit thread where you can find the most updated source of information regarding donating to validated charities or organizations that can help Ukraine in their fight for freedom.

As lots of our followers come from Russia, we want to say that we’re against the decisions of the Russian government, not against Russian citizens β€” who we find to be as brothers and sisters alike. Many Russians have same opinion as ours, therefore it must be also noted that this is not a war against Russians, this is a war against Russian politicians who are oppressing a neighborly and peaceful country.

We’re not going to philosophize a lot more, as your job will be following the news from multiple sources and phasing out the fake news which profiteers run like oblivion during these difficult times.

The link of the sub-reddit below contains the most up-to date information and it’s overseen by actual Ukrainians who constantly contribute to the topic.

Reddit subreddit (/r/Ukraine)

Also, we donated to this organization with volunteers helping, QUASAR:

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